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General Role-Playing/Fan-Fictions Site - ShinyBlade - 2012-01-24

[Image: b97vqt.jpg]

Join An Epic Role-Playing and Fantastic Fan-Fiction Site. Take part in an adventure through yout post or construct a fan-make story. Big Grin see you there.

For those who have no idea what RPing is, RPing is a concept of taking part on a story that others members created by posting your part. Every posts will help advanced the story.
If you don't like RP there other things you can do on the site like fanfiction etc.

RE: General Role-Playing/Fan-Fictions Site - Zueq - 2012-01-24

What I suggest is that you buy yourself a domain. They are cheap, and help you in every way! .com domain's are only like $9.98 at Smile Also, buy or make yourself a custom theme. That will really attract people to join, but usually content will get people to join a forum. But what's really concerning me is your logo. It doesn't really match the theme you are using now.

Though good luck to you and your forum in the future! Wink