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+----- Thread: - Complete Custom (/thread-11225.html) - Complete Custom - MyGamertag - 2006-08-13

Just finished skinning If you guys could give some comments/suggestions and tell me if you find any unskinned areas that'd be great!

RE: - Complete Custom - SnakEyez - 2006-08-13

I really like the job you did. However, those buttons at the top just give the impression that there should be a rollover effect.

Even if you don't do that it still looks great.

RE: - Complete Custom - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-08-14

I really like the skin, it looks really good. One of the best I've seen yet. Smile

Nicely done.

RE: - Complete Custom - AVC - 2006-08-14

There is too much space between the forums!

RE: - Complete Custom - SS Unknown - 2006-08-17

I really like this theme as well. It's something different and very nice. Good job.

RE: - Complete Custom - labrocca - 2006-08-17

Good skin. also did you add a mod so that ifilm works?

RE: - Complete Custom - Jed K - 2006-08-18

Nice, refreshing look.
Good job.

RE: - Complete Custom - Detruire - 2006-08-18

That has to be one of the best MyBB skins I have seen for quite a long time.

However, there are a couple of things I dislike about it.
Mainly the 'Board Statistics' area is out of proportion.