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Gama - Design - Gama - 2012-01-25

Hello. At the beggining big thanks to MyBB team for great forum engine and to Justin S. for theme that i modified to make my forum look like portfolio.

So, its my portfolio. I show there my projects and i announce new projects Smile
Site is in Polish language because I'm from Poland. Yes, im proud to be Polish.

Anyway i modofied theme editing not only CSS but template bits too. It's cool to play with it for me.

Visit my portfolio at and my forum at and rate it. I want to see yours opinion.

Cheers and sorry for my poor English Smile

RE: Gama - Design - IntoxNitram - 2012-01-26

Looks nice, good theme and idea for the forum (I had to translate though Smile) I suggest getting some more topics and content on your forum.

RE: Gama - Design - richardmhowell - 2012-01-27

Forum looks nice, green is very bright mind.

Unless all them forums are needed, get rid of some, get some content and good luck to you Smile

RE: Gama - Design - Harest - 2012-01-28

Super green.

Like the theme, although i think the contrast is too high (bright green <-> white). After a while one gets eyepain Wink

Fajne forum.