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Major Spam = Stressed - Yamaha - 2012-02-04

Okay well I am fed up with it and unsure of what to do but I get daily spam and they post links and a whole thread and then try to paste that same thing into multiple areas. I just want it to stop. It's by far the most annoying thing I've ever dealt with.

Please HelpAngry,


RE: Major Spam = Stressed and Pissed Off - ranjani - 2012-02-04

we have to suggest to see responses here again & again !!
( recaptcha plugin is not required if you are using MyBB 1.6.5 )

RE: Major Spam = Stressed and Pissed Off - Yamaha - 2012-02-04

Thanks I'm sorry I really didn't notice that thread Sad

RE: Major Spam = Stressed and Pissed Off - TMGFX - 2012-02-13

Stopforumspam plugin is good for preventing spambots