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Battlefield 3 - Johnny S - 02-12-2012

Short info:
Battlefield 3 is mybb theme inspired by EA DICE awarded game Battlefield 3.

Customization file(s) for this theme is included in zip archive in PSD (Photoshop Document) format.If you need any other form of customization feel free to pm me.

This work (Battlefield 3) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license visit

Footer copyright:
Authors copyright (Theme Designed by Johnny S) must remain visible in Battlefield 3 footer.You are not allowed or authorized to remove it no matter of circumstances.If you don't like this search for another theme.

Battlefield contains following files and folder:
-psd folder (logo.psd -BigNoodleTitling font is used for logo)
-images folder (bf folder)
-font (visitor font)
-styles (for background switcher)
-jscripts (jquery and bf3 editor theme [toolbar.png from onyx editor theme])

-Background image switcher
-Width toggle
-tabbed profile

install instructions:
1.Unzip the content from zip archive and copy all content from toyour forum root.
2.Go to ACP -> Templates and Styles -> Themes -> Import a theme and select BF3-theme.xml that you extracted from archive.After importis finished activate it
3.Under theme settings find Editor Style * and select BF3 editor theme


RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - kavin - 02-12-2012

Amazing work. Keep up. Big Grin

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - Dragonzsoul - 02-12-2012

Keep work Johnny S best effort, it is very best smooth theme nice!

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - fizz - 02-12-2012

Looks sick man, keep it up!

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - envira - 02-13-2012

pretty nice work,keep it up Smile

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - Crypter - 02-15-2012

Good luck mate!

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - rzr - 02-17-2012

Actually i was thinking of a battlefield theme but u did it before me Toungue
nice work! try adding some more colours.....maybe for the links. But it's really great Big Grin

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - Johnny S - 02-17-2012

Link color is going to remain white (at least for now).I don't have any attention to make this theme rainbowy by adding red/green/blue/lime/orange/yellow/black/any other color since that doesn't fit in BF3 color scheme.

-Star icons added (star_rating.png and star.png)
-Folder icons added

-Dropdown login
-Width toogle (from fixed to full and vice versa)*
-bg toogle*
-sidebar *
-tabbed profile * **
* - with cookie settings
** - still in development

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - Frank.Barry - 02-17-2012

Dont like the postbit, it needs clearer separation between elements.

RE: [Dev] - Battlefield 3 - Johnny S - 02-17-2012

Postbit (and postbit classic) are separated like this (screenshots in post no.8 are two days old)(Postbit and postbit classic are still work in progress).