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Iron Prelude - Site - Carim - 2012-02-17

Site Name: Iron Prelude Official Site
Site URL: (or

Description: The Iron Prelude forums were set up to build up hype and allow over a game I'm making. We're starting off small, with a few forums, and some anti-spam plugins and content plugins. It'll also have forum integration into the game itself, so registering now will create an account ready for you to use. Check us out, and if you feel inclined to, sign up.

The theme is still being played around with, but the basis of it is mostly done. I've pretty much built the site around the myBB install, using page plugins, and I think that myBB is a fantastic simple piece of forum software to get the hang of.

Feel free to suggest anything.

RE: Iron Prelude - Site - Andrew B. - 2012-02-17

Your place looks great!

RE: Iron Prelude - Site - Carim - 2012-02-17

(2012-02-17, 04:54 PM)Andrew B. Wrote: Your place looks great!

Thank you. A shame it's so barren at the moment. xD