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[PL] "Antyradio" listeners community portal - Chesster - 2006-08-17

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Intro: Community portal for the listeners of a polish rock radio "Antyradio" the portal is integrated with the forum and has its own litle cms. Its still in development, but i just couldn't wait to show it to you. I'm sorry that you probably wont be able to understand its content, but at least you can comment about the script as such.

PS. sorry for my bad english.

RE: [PL] "Antyradio" listeners community portal - MrD. - 2006-08-17

You copyright on the board is incomplete.

Quote:Powered by MyBB
needs to be like this

Apart from that the site looks nice, good job.

RE: [PL] "Antyradio" listeners community portal - Ryan Gordon - 2006-08-17

This will be closed until you fix it. PM me once you've fixed it and I will reopen it

RE: [PL] "Antyradio" listeners community portal - Chesster - 2006-08-18

MrDoom Wrote:You copyright on the board is incomplete.
Sorry 'bout that.
Maybe I'll release the cms once it's code is decent enough :]
MrDoom Wrote:the site looks nice, good job.
thx :]