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Strange MyBB problem - Praveer - 02-26-2012

Hello all,

While going through a forum I noticed a thread about a problem a person having with MyBB. I never heard of a problem like this.

Thought to share with you guys.

Link :

RE: Strange MyBB problem - Odin A. - 02-26-2012

This should not be posted in "General Discussions", but instead "MyBB 1.6 General Support".

However, my guess is that the user who created the thread deleted, possibly inadvertently, the OP of the thread. Unless you have the "Undo Delete" plugin in place, there's nothing you can do.

Have a nice day.

RE: Strange MyBB problem - Praveer - 02-26-2012

I am not asking for a support. I am not having any problem. I just saw this thread and thought to let all know about it Smile

Also I guess thread is not deleted otherwise why would he ask such a question.

RE: Strange MyBB problem - jard0n5 - 02-26-2012

This happened to me also many times on many MyBB forums.

RE: Strange MyBB problem - Tom K. - 02-26-2012

Well, I've been using mybb since 2008 and I have yet to see this. So the answer on that thread of it being a "common" problem is quite incorrect.

Also, the last respondent to that thread clearly has no idea how pagination in mybb works >_> "auto increment".... >_>

RE: Strange MyBB problem - Alex Smith - 02-26-2012

That's what I was thinking Tom. I've never really seen this so lets make sure it may not be an issue somewhere else.

What plugins are you using?

RE: Strange MyBB problem - Tom K. - 02-27-2012

I don't think it praveer's problem, he just found it. I might sign up to ask them Smile

RE: Strange MyBB problem - Praveer - 02-27-2012

Yeah its not my problem. I am yet to face such a problem.

RE: Strange MyBB problem - kavin - 02-28-2012

Had seen it in a couple of forums but can't recreate the issue in my board.

Pagination wouldn't consider deleted posts, i guess some plugin (commonly used by those forums) is creating that issue.

RE: Strange MyBB problem - Matt - 02-28-2012

No it is a fairly common issue but we haven't been able to fix it as we've never been able to reliably reproduce it, it just happens sometimes, may be due to the counters being out of sync which the recount and rebuild tools may fix.