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A market software? Like - Close - 2012-03-24

like this

I need the software like this, will be paying via PayPal.
Post below.

RE: A market software? Like - BleepyEvans - 2012-06-18

Looks good, +1 for this.

RE: A market software? Like - Yaldaram - 2012-06-18

I guess the owner Dialatic sold or still bidding for its sale.

Edit: Yes: You may contact him for its sell.

RE: A market software? Like - Dialatic - 2012-06-18

It's for sale mate, I'm selling copies and/or full rights, depending on how much you want to pay.

A copy will cost you $40, whereas full rights I have no price for yet, I guess if someone offers me a really good amount.

I was surprised when I saw the title. Toungue Since I'm the owner of

Edit: Just realized this was many months ago. Boo. Sad