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Registering Error - Webmaster_Ash - 2012-04-01

Hello guys.
I have a report from a friend of mine, he was trying to register on my forum but got this error.

[Image: 1cDJj.png]
I haven't touched any of them files, showing the errors.

Here's a list of the plugins I have installed, I uninstalled Stop Forum Spam in case it was that, but it's not.
[Image: EO2bw.png]


RE: Registering Error - king_og - 2012-04-01

What version of mybb are you running?

RE: Registering Error - Yaldaram - 2012-04-01

Although the OP has been banned but the error is occuring to numerous users. So I've updated the wiki page with the error and how to resolve it;