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Button Font - FirefoxWiz - 2006-08-26

Hey, what font is used on the MyBB buttons? Just curious, cause I wanted to try to make some, but I wanted that font!

Thanks! Big Grin

RE: Button Font - Michael S. - 2006-08-27

It's Trebuchet MS. You can download the GDK here:

RE: Button Font - Jag100 - 2006-09-18

Iv tried Trebuchet MS but i doesnt seem to match do you need to add something to it like bold?

RE: Button Font - vnt87 - 2006-09-19

Yes, make it bold. I downloaded and opened the GDK, it IS Trebuchet MS, bold at 10px, anti-aliasing is set to Crisp. It also have a Drop Shadow and a 1px stroke attached to it also, but I've tried disabling the Layer Effects and they don't seem to make any visible different.