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Graphics for banner space - MrJohn - 04-02-2012

I am willing to do graphic requests for banner space on your site. Just fill out the form below and PM it to me and I will contact you via PM if I accept the request. Remember, it has to be a fair trade off for me as well.

Type of Image:
Your Website:
Your Daily Unique Visits: (Please be accurate)

Here is some of my previous work:

[Image: dpy1ax.gif]
[Image: fyzskk.jpg]

I am also willing to trade posts for banner space as well. Big Grin

RE: Graphics for banner space - Philly - 04-04-2012

Wow those look really nice man. If I had the spare money right now, I would for sure get some off you. When I get some money I will probably be coming back to you.

RE: Graphics for banner space - iHydra - 04-04-2012

Those are nice, but I highly suggest you save all your GFX in .png format. .jpg isn't a good format for GFX, especially when they're small sized. Wallpapers are in .jpg because you can't see the details due to it being huge but .png gives you the best quality possible.

*That is if they're not animated, because PNG aren't compatible with it, (unless you use APNG but it's 1. a hassle 2. not everyone supports it).