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[WTB] Forum Posts - SHX - 2012-04-03

Hi People.

I want to buy some forum posts for several of my communities, some using mybb, some don't.

I expect all the posts to be at least 2 sentences long and not be spammy, I won't pay for spammy posts that do not contribute to anything.

I am willing to offer $4.00 - 100 posts

You can do this on just one of my forums or split between them all.

Please PM me if you want the URL's to take up this offer.

RE: [WTB] Forum Posts - dragonexpert - 2012-04-03

Could you at least say what kind of forums they are? That would help members decide if they will take you up on your offer.

RE: [WTB] Forum Posts - SHX - 2012-04-03

Webmaster related. Smile

RE: [WTB] Forum Posts - Bit 'n Bang - 2012-04-03

Links please?

RE: [WTB] Forum Posts - Philly - 2012-04-04

Depending on what is currently on the site I might be interested for 5 dollars.