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Peter no longer active in MyBB group - Peter - 2006-08-28

Hello everyone,

I wish to announce that starting 2 September, 2006, I will no longer be actively developing MyBB and applications related to MyBB. I made this decision knowing that in the coming two years my time online will be very limited and therefore I will not be of much use anymore. I did not like taking this decision, but I feel it will work out the best both for me and the MyBB group.

The primary reason for stopping my development is, however, positive for me. Starting 2 September, I will be attending the Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong. I will follow a two-year course at the college there to finish my secondary education in an international environment. I will be residing at the college campus and therefore the college will be my new home for the coming two years.

Life at the college will be hectic and extremely busy. I will meet people from all corners of our world and will be put in an entirely new environment. This environment requires of me that I put 100% of my attention into work in and around the college, both college and community work. This leaves very little time for me to go online and do something I like: developing MyBB together with the rest of the awesome MyBB group.

I regret having to stop developing MyBB and it was a hard decision for me. The opportunities that lie ahead of me at the college, however, are more important to me than MyBB, even though that may sound disappointing. I am in good faith that the MyBB project will go on just fine without me, however, and I will be periodically checking up on progress and annoying Chris and the others with well-meant criticism.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys MyBB 1.2 fully, as being a developer I know it is an awesome improvement that blows the competition away. I am glad to see it worked out the way it did.

Who knows, maybe you'll see me back again after two years of absence. I wish good luck to MyBB and the rest of the MyBB group and most of all I want to thank them for being awesome people to work together with on this awesome project.

Peter Akkies

RE: Peter no longer active in MyBB group - Peter - 2006-08-28

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