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Lowseling Design - Lowseling - 2012-04-10

Hi everyone,

Excuse for my english but I'm italian. Today I show you my MyBB Forum. In this forum I sell MyBB themes and I help the users to use MyBB.

Link to the forum:

P.S. - The theme is still in beta!

RE: Lowseling Design - kavin - 2012-04-11

Nice design Lowseling. Good luck. Smile

RE: Lowseling Design - Lowseling - 2012-04-11

Thank you very much Smile

RE: Lowseling Design - MSD - 2012-04-14

nice , but its in some other language, cant understand Huh

RE: Lowseling Design - Concon - 2012-04-14

The theme is very IPB like, looks really really nice, good job :3

RE: Lowseling Design - Lowseling - 2012-04-14

Thanks very much!

I should also include an English version but in these days have been very busy. Between now and tomorrow afternoon I should also add the english Wink


RE: Lowseling Design - Lowseling - 2012-04-23

Is now aviable the new theme, Lowseling Design v2!

RE: Lowseling Design - ksr - 2012-04-24

cool theme and nice interface bro...