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RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2015-06-11

It is up to you to use whichever images you seem appropriate. I do not offer further assistance with support unless I recognize those as potential bugs/suggestions.

Anyone is free to help you here if they wish to.

I apologize and thanks for considering using this modification.

RE: OUGC Awards - pandabb - 2015-06-15

Hello again, question - how do i change the sender when you receive a pm.

By default its MybbEngine and it has no profile pic.

Lasty, ive set to enable the pm.

Write the content of the PM to send when awarded.
{1} = Username
{2} = Award name
{3} = Reason
{4} = Image

When i use the tag for image which is {4} it doesnt show the actual image it only shows the url, how do i edit the plugin to make it embed the img or show <img src etc..


RE: OUGC Awards - pandabb - 2015-06-19

Edit post:

I found the answer: Thanks!

Is it possible to know who gave the award, i.e username of the mod?

RE: OUGC Awards - Parsian™ - 2015-06-20

Persian Translate

Translate by Parsian Group Heart 

.zip (Size: 32.83 KB / Downloads: 82)

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2015-06-21

@pandabb there should be logs in the admin panel for admins (ACP) or moderator panel in the front-end.

@Parsian™ Thanks. Though I really dislike the idea of packing more that _.lang.php_ files within a language pack.

RE: OUGC Awards - Parsian™ - 2015-06-21

Hi Omar G. Smile
if you want the lang pack i must say I have to edit your plugin a little. i does'n work for persian lang Big Grin

 I want to ask if that possible to show awards in profile be like postbit ?

in one line without details ? show the detail with toltip when mouseover

thanks to replay Heart

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2015-06-21

It is possible but I don't have the time to help you directly. Sorry.

RE: OUGC Awards - pandabb - 2015-06-22

Omar is there a string or code to pull one members list of award? Like My Awards, then it will show all the awards you have.


RE: OUGC Awards - Parsian™ - 2015-06-22

i think in plugin setting you can change the number awards in postbit and profile

RE: OUGC Awards - mikeh - 2015-06-28

When I change "Awards Page Allowed Groups" to "All groups", guests still cannot view the Awards page.