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RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2018-12-21

(2018-12-21, 05:53 AM)Omar G. Wrote: Hi everybody. I want to ask if there is anybody interested in trying the update to this plugin. The feature list is as follows:
  • Support for MyBB 1.6 was added back.
  • Users can now be granted the same award multiple times.
  • Categorization added.
  • Award multiple users at the same time.
  • Task feature (basically a promotion system kind of thing familiar to many)
  • Most awards and last awards stats in the stats page.
  • Requesting awards.
  • Imports from MyAwards and Nickman's award plugin.
  • Display all user's awards inside the welcome block (separated branch to be merged before releasing)

Please if you want to try this new update, follow the link below. Download the develop branch in the plugin repository and upload all files accordingly. Beware, I don't recall if updating from 1.8.3 works, but it should, I will make sure till the end only.

Clone or download button -> Download ZIP

I can't recall if all features in that list are finished but I'm sure work was started.

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2018-12-31

Hi, I have updated the plugin to version 1.8.19 in the extend site. Unfortunately, previous versions didn't include the code name feature fore the update module in the plugins section of the ACP, so you wont be alerted of it.

RE: OUGC Awards - Eldenroot - 2018-12-31

Thank you!

RE: OUGC Awards - VinceOrlando - 2018-12-31

Updating to the latest build causes my plugins page to no longer load.

RE: OUGC Awards - User 125795 - 2019-01-01

(2018-12-31, 07:24 PM)VinceOrlando Wrote: Updating to the latest build causes my plugins page to no longer load.

Me too

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2019-01-02

Hi, I have updated the file in the mods site, please download the file uploaded in 2019, not 2018. There was one mistake that prevented the plugin from working altogether.

I found the issue while trying the file in my local setup. For those who reported, please try to enable PHP warnings so that you can share more useful information about the errors your find in your forum, thanks.

And thanks to @0xB9 for reporting the second issue fixed.

RE: OUGC Awards - yaa hee - 2019-01-02

Can you please help me with this issue:

RE: OUGC Awards - Mjniu - 2019-01-02

Hello, yesterday I downloaded it and I did not load any plugin, today I downloaded it, I installed it and it does not load the web, it goes blank.
With version 1.8.3 it works for me, I checked which file gives the problem and this is ougc_awards.php, I replaced it with 1.8.3 and it already loads the web but the plugin does not work.

Forum -> Version 1.8.19 Default
Thanks and regards.

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2019-01-02

In the following setup I have OUGC Awards 1.8.19 and MyBB 1.8.19 with a lot of more customization.

As you can see, it is working as intended. Please follow the links I pointed in my last post to enable PHP warnings since white pages are as useful as a blank page can be.

You can also check the contents of the error_log file in your forum root (or admin root if the problem is there) if there is any.

RE: OUGC Awards - Eldenroot - 2019-01-02

Great, thank you!