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RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2019-02-23

The error messages says the code should be passing an integer value instead of a float value. If you check the differences bewteen both pieces of code you will notice I simply added (int) to sanitaze (convert) such values to integers.

I'm unsure why it would still print the same error and I don't have time to debug it right now but I certainly will do so before releasing the next package.

RE: OUGC Awards - avixansa - 2019-03-02

so is this working fine with 1.8.20 ?

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2019-03-02

(2019-03-02, 10:27 AM)avixansa Wrote: so is this working fine with 1.8.20 ?

You tell us.

RE: OUGC Awards - mehetts - 2019-03-09

its shopwing duplicate awards in postbit, ???

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2019-03-10

(2019-03-09, 02:08 PM)mehetts Wrote: its shopwing duplicate awards in postbit, ???

Use the following version:

Please report back any issues you find.

If you still want to use the official stable release, you can find the information regarding the duplication in posts in this thread or Github.

RE: OUGC Awards - White_Rabbit - 2019-03-16

Hi there!

After I de- and reinstalled the plugin the error message was gone. So one problem less, thanks a lot! :-)

However, I have another issue. I created a Task giving users an award after 50 Posts. But the award doesn't show up (nor do others similar to this one). I made sure to have the Award visible as well as having the task active etc. Given awards are visible, but tasked awards are not.
I found a post which might be a hint to my problem:
But I'm not sure if so and I don't understand the answer.

Can you give me a hint why this doesn't work? :-)
Thanks a lot!

RE: OUGC Awards - Mike.HSX - 2019-05-20

I cant install this plugin! When i add the file to plugin folder then the plugin page wont load!

This is the error log:
[20-May-2019 18:38:42 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Default value for parameters with a class type hint can only be NULL in /home3/blabla/public_html/inc/plugins/ougc_awards.php on line 3149

Not sure why this works on localhost and not on a shared host? Any solution?

Edit: I fixed the issue by upgrading the php version in cpanel!

RE: OUGC Awards - makpaolo - 2019-06-13

Hey how to fix this?

It is vertical not horizontal

RE: OUGC Awards - iAndrew - 2019-07-03

Is it possible to use both fontawesome icons and normal images for awards? 

In ougcawards_postbit I tried using this below but it shows blank fontawesome awards.

<span align="center">
<img style="height:25px; width: 25px;" src="{$award['image']}" alt="{$award['name']}" />
<i style="padding: 3px; margin:2px;" class="fa fa-{$award['image']}" title="{$award['name']}"></i> 

[Image: Screenshot-1.jpg]

RE: OUGC Awards - dragonl - 2019-07-16

Hello, I just found this plugin and I love it. I've uploaded it to my forum, I'm trying to create a new award but I can not find the option to upload images.

I have given "User Groups" "Manage Awards" "Add" and I get fields like "name" "description" "requirements" but none to upload the image of the award.

I have searched for some plugin tutorial but I can not find anything on the internet. Thank you!.