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RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2021-08-12

Additionally, a feature to limit the visible awards could be nice, then the plugin could set the visible status based on the limit.

As of now, no such feature has been coded as far as I can recall (there is no limit).

Update: I did create a Github issue for this:

It is unlikely this will make it a 1.8 release.

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2021-08-12

Please note, the next release of this plugin will likely be the last feature release for the 1.8 branch, as there is plenty of features already coded that are not officially released.

If anyone wants to get this released soon you can contribute by upgrading your board using the develop branch and report any issues.

Some of the new features are:
  • Award presets. Allow users to categorize their awards in presets that are displayed separated in profiles and posts.
  • Award sorting. Allows users to sort the display order of their awards, as well as hide any from the main (not preset) list.

RE: OUGC Awards - Sascha - 2021-09-04

Hello, I've got a following problem, in the ACP under Manage Awards -> Task -> Award create
The column in which you can enter the path to the award picture is missing. If there is someone who could help me there
it would be pretty cool.

PS. in the Award Page is it also not showing Awards. Ya'll can see it on the screens I'll send.

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2021-09-04

Awards are located inside categories. The task feature is an independent feature off the awards, you can't set the image of awards within the form for tasks.

RE: OUGC Awards - Sascha - 2021-09-04

Hello Omar, yes I noticed that too. But how and especially where can I indicate the path to the award picture?

EDIT: I've found it xD

RE: OUGC Awards - Johndoe - 2021-10-18

i have issue in ougc_awards.js line 30

[Image: O8YOFJq.png]

RE: OUGC Awards - Omar G. - 2021-10-19

Hi, the ougc_awards.js has to be loaded after jQuery. Check your headerinclude template to sort them properly.