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STB Theme - qwertyx - 2012-05-24

STB Theme
downalod for free
[Image: 21e2h49.png]

Style was created by and its property.
Please do not remove the copyright notice from footer.
Please do not re-upload to another servers.
If you found a bug in the style please report in this topic.


Link to download
1.6 or 1.8


RE: STB Theme - qwertyx - 2014-04-04

New version 1.01
- forumbit_depth2_cat

compatible with mybb 1.6.12

RE: STB Theme - MatthewH - 2014-04-04

Image links don't work. Nor does the download link.

RE: STB Theme - PwnEm - 2014-04-10

Both working for me right now, seems like a nice and simple theme, good job.

RE: STB Theme - Snake_ - 2014-04-15

(2014-04-04, 01:16 PM)MatthewH Wrote: Image links don't work. Nor does the download link.
They work with you something is wrong.

Here, registration is required.

RE: STB Theme - Ghoul - 2014-04-16

Good job on the theme, nice and simple.

RE: STB Theme - qwertyx - 2014-09-01

Theme has been converted from version 1.6 to 1.8. If there is something wrong tell me.

Link to download on the

RE: STB Theme - Twisty - 2014-09-01

First theme submitted to themes. :p

Looks neat. I could work with it and customize it.

RE: STB Theme - elbawdy - 2014-09-13

ajax and java scripts nt working

RE: STB Theme - Destroy666 - 2014-09-13

This theme isn't fully compatible with 1.8 - newly added stuff is missing, so some functionalities will not work as intended. I don't recommend using it until it's fixed.