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Banner request - wethegreenpeople - 2012-06-16

I've tried my hand at making a banner and I'm just not very good with photoshop.

So I'm requesting for some one to make me a banner. This isn't a paid job, but I could always put a link back to your site/forum as long as I'm using the banner.

It needs to be a 613x152 banner, and related to skateboarding or longboarding.

If you need to know anything else feel free to ask. And thank you. Big Grin

RE: Banner request - Yaldaram - 2012-06-16

Colors and BG color you would like to use?

RE: Banner request - wethegreenpeople - 2012-06-16

That's the forum theme. So anything that matches with that.

RE: Banner request - Alex H. - 2012-06-16

You're starting a skateboarding forum? I'd join! and also if you can't get anyone to do this I'll do it.