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Plugin Request - Very Simple [Paying] - Hostpro - 2012-06-17

Hey guys,

I would like somebody who can make me a plugin that creates a template under global templates and then adds 2 lines to the header include. I would like to be the owner of the plugin so only I would be able to share it.

I already made the global template and the 2 lines to the header include that I want added, you just need to make it happen within a plugin.

The only option I want is enable plugin,

Would anybody be willing to make this today for $5?


RE: Plugin Request - Very Simple [Paying] - Nathan Malcolm - 2012-06-17

Sounds simple enough. PM me the details and I'll create it for you.

RE: Plugin Request - Very Simple [Paying] - Frank.Barry - 2012-06-17

A global template and add 2 lines of code to headerinclude? Is this what you pm'd me about the other day? If it is, I dont think you know what you want to be honest. This request could be created in about 5 minutes.