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Status link dont work - 'GoeC - 2012-07-07

Hi Guys, firs i wanna tell you i'm sorry for my bad english Smile ! Here is my problem :

When i Go to someones profile on my forum, and part of profile where is his currently action, example
he's looking Support, when i click on Suppor it show my that theme doesen't exist but when i go to that theme from index it exist,
In my adress bar it showing dobule forumdisplay like this

Thank you any Way !!

RE: Status link dont work - 'GoeC - 2012-07-12

BUMP ! Can some one please answer my this question Sad

RE: Status link dont work - 'GoeC - 2012-07-26

BUMP !! Please HELP !!!

RE: Status link dont work - Alan S. - 2012-07-26

What's your URL?