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Reset password delivery system - craig711 - 2012-07-09

Hi guys,
I am currently hosting 2 mybb forums with 2 different domains.
Both hosted by godaddy and email also is with godaddy webmail

Unfortunately I'm having problems with the password reset system- Received numerous complaints about the password not arriving.
I have read several other topics when i searched this issue on google but came up with unclear answers.
Only possible explanation is some mail settings.
Any way to change it? or some solution?

Both forums version are 1.6.8 and both have problems with the password not arriving.

RE: Reset password delivery system - Nathan Malcolm - 2012-07-10

Please see:

RE: Reset password delivery system - craig711 - 2012-07-10

(2012-07-10, 12:05 AM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Please see:
Hi, I have tried that-
the test script came out fine and it delivered "mail was sent by PHP"
I also edited the functions.php and it was no hope. I tried resetting my pw for a test ymail acc and it didn't arrive (funnily enough the account activation arrived)
I created 2 more test acc with gmail and hotmail and both didn't receive any account activation emails Confused

okay the gmail account for activation email worked.

RE: Reset password delivery system - Nathan Malcolm - 2012-07-10

Godaddy is known for not sending mail correctly. I'd advise you use SMTP instead.