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Forum Header & Footers - kylesw555 - 2012-09-06

Can anyone tell me how I can edit the Headers & Footers of my forums separately so that I can put different things in the different forums?


RE: Forum Header & Footers - Tecca - 2012-09-06

Edit each forum and set a style to override the default. You'll need to export your theme and import new ones if you decide to do it this way. Then just edit the Header/Footer templates.

EDIT: Here's an example, if this is what you're trying to do:

Same general look, but different template/css edits.

RE: Forum Header & Footers - kylesw555 - 2012-09-08

This doesn't seem like an effective option. Not to mention that I want all users of certain themes to see this.

I just want to add some html above and below the threads, I just want this html to be different in the different forums however.

If not that easy, is there not a code I could use like?:

"If {forum}:..."


RE: Forum Header & Footers - kylesw555 - 2012-09-14


RE: Forum Header & Footers - Tecca - 2012-09-14

You can use Xthreads:

Give the specific forum a prefix in the options (such as prefix1_header), and then create a prefix1_header template, copy and paste the original header into it, and then edit as needed. Do the same with the footer.

RE: Forum Header & Footers - kylesw555 - 2012-09-14

Thanks again Tecca, that sounds like what I need although I'm finding it hard to find that on that site.

RE: Forum Header & Footers - Tecca - 2012-09-14

This plugin:

After installing it, go to your specific forum that you want the header/footer edited and scroll down to "Template Prefix"

In that box, put something like: prefix1_

Go to global templates and create copies of your header and footer templates, and name them: prefix1_header and prefix1_footer

The prefix can be named anything. Do this for each forum you want a different header/footer. Use different prefixes if they are going to be different from each other.

RE: Forum Header & Footers - kylesw555 - 2012-09-14

Thanks for that, I'll give it a go Smile.