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Basic Precautions? - Beacon - 2012-09-09

Hey there, currently I am working on starting up a discussion board and I have some concerns regarding security of the forums, and these concerns are kind of preventing me from starting. What are some necessary precautions I should be taking to make my forums as secure as they can be? Which plugins should I use and which are the best?

RE: Basic Precautions? - Yaldaram - 2012-09-09

RE: Basic Precautions? - Nathan Malcolm - 2012-09-09

Generally I recommend:

-Keep updated with the latest releases (both MyBB and plugins, also with any third party software you may have installed)
-Take regular offline backups.
-Use a reputable host.
-Don't use an excessive amount of plugins.
-Limit ACP access to those who truly need it.
-Use strong and lengthy passwords.

Security is a never ending process. I could go on but there's a wide range of topics which could be discussed. Smile

RE: Basic Precautions? - Trickshot - 2012-09-09

Removing the Admin CP link from the welcomeblock is a useful tool.

But you will have to remember the admin directory.

RE: Basic Precautions? - MrAnderson - 2012-09-10

Renaming the admincp next to that ( and have the honeypot adminCP so you know when someone attempts ) is a great precaution in my opinion.
Also that you have a secret user which you use to access the adminCP, instead of your forum account.