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powered by error - bekti - 2012-09-11

hey can mybb do this...

if someone delete this code in footer, it will be show an error that say

"you cannot delete powered by in footer template"

that will be nice if you help meBig Grin

RE: powered by error - StefanT - 2012-09-11

You will get no support when you remove the copyright.

RE: powered by error - bekti - 2012-09-11

no,,i dont want to remove it...
i just want to make it error when the {$lang->powered_by} is all admin or founder forum / community can't remove it (powered by)

RE: powered by error - JordanMussi - 2012-09-11

Deep in the code they will be able to get rid of the error if hey were desperate that is.

RE: powered by error - bekti - 2012-09-11

i make this in index.php

 if ($lang->powered_by) {
	  $powered_by = ' <a href=\"\">{$lang->powered_by} MyBB Group</a>';
      else {
        echo 'You cannot delete powered_by from footer template.';

but this not working

RE: powered by error - Wildcard - 2012-09-11

(2012-09-11, 04:12 PM)bekti Wrote: but this not working

Your heart is in the right place, but you forget that if you can add that code (or any other code) then any other admin can remove it.

If you are suggesting that MyBB somehow include that functionality and that might not be a terrible idea because a lot of people don't want to make core edits. The thing is, people that want to remove the 'powered by' information are generally willing to stoop to any level to do it.

RE: powered by error - Paul H. - 2012-09-11

The thing is, MyBB is open source software. They have every right to remove the notice if they want to; it's not illegal. Users can modify MyBB in any way they want, redistribute it, etc. We just appreciate the link back, and it's really our only price for support.

RE: powered by error - MyBB King - 2012-09-11

The Hard working guys who give u such a nice software for free deserve atleast one linkback...
If you are annoyed of each page Powered by Notice, then i'll suggest you to add additional Note like In Our Partner section or anything like that, notifying your user that "Mybb is a free and opensource Script. They can use aswell."
And i think MyBB team will also support you Smile Smile

RE: powered by error - bekti - 2012-09-12

no one help?

RE: powered by error - Marks-Mans - 2012-09-12

You Can Just Change It From Templates -----> Footer