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Upload with Dropbox - caygri - 2012-09-30

Please is there a plugin to upload file with dropbox and integrate with mybb?

RE: Upload with Dropbox - - 2013-02-27

Up vote this!
No plugins for this?

RE: Upload with Dropbox - Jambuster - 2013-02-28

What features do you want ? Just to upload files ?

RE: Upload with Dropbox - - 2013-03-01

My users should be able to upload files. In back end I should be able to manage it using dropbox.

RE: Upload with Dropbox - Jambuster - 2013-03-01

I can create this. PM me if you need it.

RE: Upload with Dropbox - Dacoolguy - 2014-08-27

Would also be interested, if this is still on offer! Smile

RE: Upload with Dropbox - niere8 - 2015-09-26

It would be great. Maybe can upload images on Dropbox account so you can use them as a gallery on the forum or in other ways in the threads, or to delete them quickly. Excellent solution for those who do not have much space on the server too.