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index hacking - melchor - 2012-10-10

hi guy sif the hacker able to replace your index page what kind of hacking is that? is mybb or host problem?

RE: index hacking - s3_gunzel - 2012-10-10

Host problem - MyBB is only responsible for maintaining the index file.

RE: index hacking - melchor - 2012-10-10

so he able to penetrate the ftp account and replace the index page with the deface index?

RE: index hacking - s3_gunzel - 2012-10-10

Again HOST problem. Simply put, Get a stronger password

RE: index hacking - pavemen - 2012-10-10

There are no known vulnerabilities in MyBB so your hosting account was compromised directly via a configuration vulnerability or a bad script other than MyBB (that could be a bad plugin as well) or indirectly via another account on the server being hacked and thus the whole server made vulnerable.

If you have a bad plugin or bad MyBB config/perms, then you could be subject to a redirect attack.