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Two Problems?? - powertouring - 2012-10-26

I am having two problems with mybb forum at

First, I get his text on top of my website " /> in all browsers.

Not sure where it came from, and I would like to know how it got there.

Second, my text field is shifted down in firefox (not in other browsers) because the icon falls down a row. See pics below. I would appreciate any help! Thanks.

[Image: HeaderProblemPic.png]

[Image: textproblempic.png]

RE: Two Problems?? - effone - 2012-10-26

For First one:
Site link please...

For second one:

RE: Two Problems?? - Vernier - 2012-10-26

Please post the contents of the following template:

AdminCP -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> Global Templates -> metag

Also please navigate to:

AdminCP -> Configuration -> Settings -> MeTag

and post the contents of the setting "Write your Keywords" Smile

RE: Two Problems?? - LimPong - 2012-10-26

The first problem :

 <meta name="google-site-verification" content="<meta name="google-site-verification" content="loakBPxuuYYoH94rCm38QMfidqPfr5V396rUVsMAM3k" />" /> 

There's 2 "/>" so just delete the last one and everything should be fine.

RE: Two Problems?? - powertouring - 2012-10-27

thanks!!!! I wouldn't have figured it out.