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Neg Rep Log? - imtiax - 2012-10-31

I've noticed fewforums have negreplog.php

Like HackForums, where do I get this.

RE: Neg Rep Log? - Omar G. - 2012-11-01

Can you share other forum other that HF that uses such file?

RE: Neg Rep Log? - imtiax - 2012-11-01

<snip - hacking> they had it before they shut down site

Umm I posted link to a forum but it dissapeared?

What is " <snip - hacking>" ?

RE: Neg Rep Log? - Nathan Malcolm - 2012-11-01

Please do not link to sites with hacking or unethical content, especially considering users are forced to signup to view that page.

I believe there was such a plugin over at MyBB Central but it had an SQL injection vulnerability.

RE: Neg Rep Log? - Adobe - 2012-11-01

Download link has been removed, if you still want the plugin then you can contact the original poster.

RE: Neg Rep Log? - Omar G. - 2012-11-01

No by core, you need a plugin to do this.

You can request a plugin in the Plugins Requests forum, or ask for help in the Plugins Development forum if you choose to write your own plugin.