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Question about Database - iHydra - 2012-11-22

Regarding Database, can someone edit lines in the Database to make it malicious or harmful?

Long story short, my Sys Admin screwed me over, and took him forever to give me the Database. I'm worried if he's messed with it to cause harm in the future. I know that MyBB generates Keys and such but unsure if he can do anything worse than that.


RE: Question about Database - Nathan Malcolm - 2012-11-22

It's certainly possible if he had access to it. He could have reset passwords, added malicious code to templates, practically change anything in the database.

If you're concerned you should restore it locally and browse through the forum to make sure nothing was changed, the template check shows there aren't any issues, etc...

RE: Question about Database - iHydra - 2012-11-22

Is it possible to import the DB just for forum stats? Posts and such? Also, regarding passwords, I'm going to do a Force Password Change on every member. Regarding templates and such, I'm also going to be getting a new theme so the old coding should not work for him.