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Add plugin page to menu? - Altered - 2012-11-22

I am new to MyBB so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I have tried several plugins and noticed that some of the plugins I had installed do not show up on the menu of themes. Is there a tutorial explaining how a new person with novice skills can follow step by step on adding a plugin and getting the menu to show the new page?

I understand that different themes may break the look or possibly the function of the plugin.
I just did not understand how for example. When I installed plugin Naoar Donation (2.0). it showed up under Global Templates and on my site menu. But yet some others like games1.2 do not show up in the menu or in my Global Templates. Confused Is there a standard on how to get a plugin to show in the menu or am I just making a mistake installing them? Blush

I have installed a fresh new copy of MyBB Version 1.6.8.
PHP Version 5.3.13
MySQLi 5.1.65

The forum is here Americas Finest Killers

Testing account:
username : testuser
password : testuser

RE: Add plugin page to menu? - Polak - 2012-11-22

Hey, I'm also new in here but if you look where you have too you should notice where the "tag" is.

For example I recently uploaded a Chatbox plugin and it was showing up on the index page above the footer, so I went to my index template look out for what was there and found {myshoutbox}, so i deleted it and added it to my portal putting it just below the header on the portal template.

I hope this can help you, just go to the template where the plugin is displayed and try to find it.

RE: Add plugin page to menu? - Altered - 2012-11-23

Thanks Ill try that.

I guess I didnt understand you as clear as I thought. Can you post the code you pulled and put into the portal?