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Reputation System - dset - 2012-11-22

Is there anyway to change how the current mybb reputation system works, I want it example, when some clicks rep button, it wont show the popup box it will automatically give +1, and under that post it will show the user who given reputation just like vbulletin like system?

and I tried the like/thanks and thanks plugin in mods but it doesnt suit my needs. one doesnt show and is bugged and the other it is because it showing 2 things.... thanks given and given 0 thank(s) in 0 post(s) in postbit, but I want just one, first to remove the thanks given and second to change the given what what to Reputation only, I Could be glad if the text could be changed in that plugin.

RE: Reputation System - brad-t - 2012-11-22

I'm using MyNetwork Post Rep to accomplish this on my site. Probably what you're looking for.

RE: Reputation System - dset - 2012-11-22

HI brad-t where is the link to that plugin/mod?

Finally I found the main .php that is responsible for those texts, I changed the "given 1 thanks by 1 posts" to "Reputation" now I am finding a way to colour the number '1' like the normal reputation and I will remove that "like" which was thanks given. if thats done then I will disable the normal reputation.

here is the php code

 * Thanks Plugin - english

$l['thx_main'] = "Thanks";
$l['thx_givenby'] = "Thanks given by:";
$l['thx_thanked_count'] = "Reputation: {1} ";
$l['thx_thank'] = "Like:";
$l['thx_remove'] = "Unlike";
$l['thx_comma'] = " , ";
$l['thx_dir'] = "ltr";


[Image: EoCg7.jpg]

RE: Reputation System - brad-t - 2012-11-22

Would have been pretty easy to Google it ...