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Need support - KrunchDesign - 2012-12-04

Hello members;

I am Mark and I am launching a forum at .

As you see here I have a category of BST(Buy Sell and Trade) and I want to moderate all the post by any one in all forums falling in this category. For example a newly registered or and onld member starts a new thread there but it is not live until Admin approves the thread.

Please let me know how I can implement this. Angel

Kind regards,
[undefined=undefined]Shahzad Shahab[/undefined]

RE: Need support - Jovan J. - 2012-12-04

Hello Mark, and welcome to MyBB Smile

You can do that on this way:

AdminCP > Forums and Posts > Edit the forum where you want to moderate threads/posts > and under "Moderation options" > tick the following two (choose which of them you want, you can use both) options;
Yes, moderate new posts
Yes, moderate new threads

RE: Need support - KrunchDesign - 2012-12-04

Thank you very much Smile