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Disable Folders - Krytic - 2012-12-12

This plugin came about when I was modifying my forum and ran into errors trying to do a modification.

Disable Folders is a simple plugin that disables the Folders option for your end users. When a user tries to access the Folders panel, they will run into a friendly message informing them that "The Creation of Folders has been disabled by the Board Administrator". This plugin does not deny access to existing folders.

Disable Folders inserts one setting, located in the "Private Messages" setting group. It does not modify any templates and comes with it's own language file (with only one line). In the future I plan to move the entire plugin (including Admin CP strings) to language files.


[Image: 88x31.png]
Disable Folders is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Unzip the file, read the readme, upload the two files to their relevant folders. Activate in Plugin Menu.
The plugin's default functionality is to enable folders.

What's next?
Expected additional functionality in version 1.1 is:
  • Ability to exempt users/usergroups
  • Ability to use a custom string (ie something other than the language string provided) from within the settings pane

Download it at the Mods site.

RE: Disable Folders - Krytic - 2012-12-14

Note to users: One of the function names isn't written correctly. The function is the deactivate function, so I'm hurrying version 1.1 out as quickly as possible to remedy this. You may not notice any errors (the one I'm using doesn't have an issue), but I'll push 1.1 to the Mods Site quickly. Smile

Edit: I've pushed a fully functioning, tested 1.1 to the Mods Site. This fixes the above bug, and adds two new settings (switch between custom error and error_no_permission, and the ability to define a custom error). 1.1 is also a complete rewrite, since I had gotten Sublime Text 2 and wanted to test it out proper.

RE: Disable Folders - Frank.Barry - 2012-12-14

What's the point of this plugin ? Why would you want to deny the ability to create new folders ? I don't see the benefit.

RE: Disable Folders - Omar G. - 2012-12-14

Sometimes removing features from your forum is beneficial as well as adding new. Though I see no point into adding a setting. Is not the "Disable Plugin" feature enough?

RE: Disable Folders - Frank.Barry - 2012-12-14

(2012-12-14, 08:56 AM)Omar G. Wrote: Sometimes removing features from your forum is beneficial as well as adding new. Though I see no point into adding a setting. Is not the "Disable Plugin" feature enough?

I understand that. But what is the actual benefit of this plugin ? Is there a reason why you would want to deny the creation of new folders ?

RE: Disable Folders - Krytic - 2012-12-14

Well in my case, when I was adding new features to my forum, I kept breaking the folders, so it was a toss up between new features and no folders or folders and no new features. Besides, some people might not like Folders in general.

@Omar force of habit. I always put at least an enable/disable setting in all my plugins, including my private ones. And as for the extra two - I don't like having to enter a language file to edit my string and, since it was the only string in there, I figured it'd be easier on everyone to let people edit the reason in the Admin CP, and some people might prefer an error_no_permission error.