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Ultimate Spriters Forums - D-Man - 2006-10-16

Forum about spriting, basicly game graphics, has many fun things, worth to try

RE: Ultimate Spriters Forums - Christian - 2006-10-17

Well, it's nothing impressive. Just a standar vB look, which I'm not all that into. Um.. You have way to many forums, try to hide some, delete, or merge them until you have the user base to support that many forums. ATM, your board looks to much like a ghost town and that tends to send users(and potential users) packing.

RE: Ultimate Spriters Forums - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-10-17

I'd have to agree with Christian, although (as far as I know) your forum is the first Sprite Forum that is used by MyBB. Smile

RE: Ultimate Spriters Forums - D-Man - 2006-10-18

Smile thanks, i think it is