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HTTPguru - vinoth - 2006-10-17

would like to hear your reviews and also if u wish you can join my community Toungue

RE: HTTPguru - z6joker9 - 2006-10-17

The main page is a little busy, and the forum theme is pretty much the default MyBB one. I do like the nav bar though!

RE: HTTPguru - SnakEyez - 2006-10-17

Forum is ok. THe main page though. Wow. Lots of misaligned items, or maybe they aren't misaligned, but there are too many ads. Wow.

RE: HTTPguru - Christian - 2006-10-17

There's alot of stuff happening on the website, it's seems very cluttered to me. Your HTML code is scary, I also ran it thru the HTML validator and I got 110 errors.

You're using the default skin. Why not create a custom skin or find a skin to use?

RE: HTTPguru - labrocca - 2006-10-17

This needs a lot of work. I see problems in just about every area. It looks like a blind man laid it out. Sorry but you should consider getting a template.

You can get free ones here:

RE: HTTPguru - vinoth - 2006-10-19

thanx for your reviews, i like the defualt skin of the mybb and i think design is important for the site, but i think for information for the users.

only one more question....

is the front page design too weired.