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Alphaware Programming - AlphaMac - 2006-10-18

Here's my programming/personal website:

The main site is: , but its not up yet.

I'm so glad I found MyBB. It's amazing, I love this myBulletin theme. Smile

RE: Alphaware Programming - AlphaMac - 2006-10-18

Any feedback? Smile

RE: Alphaware Programming - IMPAQ - 2006-10-18

It hasn't been personalized. Looks like it's just the "default vB". Not sure what kind of feedback you're looking for.

RE: Alphaware Programming - AlphaMac - 2006-10-19

Yeah, I'm going to be changing the logo....once I get the site up, I'll ask for feedback again. You brought up a good point. Smile

RE: Alphaware Programming - AlphaMac - 2006-10-23

I'ce changed the logo now, although its a temp. logo until i get an offical one. But what do you think now?

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