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undefined !! - vip78 - 2013-01-22


I have problem with my theme ..
after post theard shows "undefined" ?!!

any temp must edit Huh

RE: undefined !! - Crash Override - 2013-01-22

I have the same issue right now with my "Remember Me" checkbox.
It seems that it always happens if I make some sort of edit to the template, no matter what it is or where it is.

Is there any way to put the normal text that should be there, BACK there?

RE: undefined !! - vip78 - 2013-01-22

yea and sometimes edit icon not working Sad

RE: undefined !! - Crash Override - 2013-01-22

Hmm, I don't seem to have THAT problem. For me it's just always been the "Remember Me" box. I could never figure out what's causing it throughout all the time of using MyBB.

I would have said it's a language, but the language is there, and I only have one language on the board.. so it has to be a template somehow or a plugin that's causing it to.. well "disappear".

But at the same time, I merged from PHP-Fusion -> SMF -> MyBB for my current board, so I'm guessing that had something to do with it. Maybe I'll take a look at the languages just to make sure anyway, I'll let you know what I see.

RE: undefined !! - vip78 - 2013-01-22

thanks , I hope anyone have idea about this issue help me

also icons what works with javascrips as login icon and option icons in cp not working with me Angel

RE: undefined !! - Crash Override - 2013-01-22

$l['remember_me'] = "Remember me";
$l['remember_me_desc'] = "If ticked, your login details will be remembered on this computer, otherwise, you will be logged out as soon as you close your browser.";
It seems to be in the language file (global.lang.php), so, I was right with my assumption on it being a template/theme/plugin.

So, I opened up my header block for guests (template)

lang.remember_me = "{$lang->remember_me}";

It was missing from the code. Smile
My problem is solved!

	lang.username = "{$lang->login_username}";
	lang.password = "{$lang->login_password}";
	lang.login = "{$lang->login}";
	lang.lost_password = " &mdash; <a href=\"{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/member.php?action=lostpw\">{$lang->lost_password}<\/a>";
	lang.register_url = " &mdash; <a href=\"{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/member.php?action=register\">{$lang->welcome_register}<\/a>";
        lang.remember_me = "{$lang->remember_me}";
// -->

If you need help still as well, PM me, I should be up for a while longer. Smile
About to go outside for a quick smoke break though.

RE: undefined !! - vip78 - 2013-01-22

thanks Crash Override for replay
im fixed in simple waySmile delete the theme and import it again .

now working fine Smile

RE: undefined !! - Crash Override - 2013-01-22

Even better! I'm glad it was that simple.
Enjoy. Smile Let me know if you need help with anything else Toungue

RE: undefined !! - vip78 - 2013-01-22

oppzz Toungue

not working again Lightbulb

RE: undefined !! - Crash Override - 2013-01-22

Can you post a link so I can have a look?
or PM me, and we can have a convo over something like Skype or AIM, even teamviewer.