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1.7 Bugs - Eric - 2013-01-24

This is where I should report them, right? Anyways:

If I create a new stylesheet and make the name "global.css", it gives me this error (Tried on two separate servers, and localhost).

"This stylesheet must end with the correct file extension, for example, globalcss.css"

Also saving a stylesheet seems to compress it and make it pretty much non-editable (Saved from the simple editor, with no changes to CSS, then opened in the advanced editor).

Edit: Even editing it from the advanced view seems to cause the problem.

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Adobe - 2013-01-24

Why would you want to create two global.css stylesheets for the same theme?

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Eric - 2013-01-24

I was just testing when I found the error. But I've also tried it with a reset.css file, which causes the same problem.

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Euan T - 2013-01-24

Thanks for the report. I'll look into this, though I don't think we changed too much in that area.

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Eric - 2013-01-24

I think I fixed the first one!? D:

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Euan T - 2013-01-24

Have you opened a new issue for it and referenced it in the commit? Right now you have 1 issue open with lots of separate commits - making it very hard to keep track.

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Eric - 2013-01-24

I know man, I'm lost. :/

It doesn't seem to let me open issues while I already have one open. And I can't seem to remove commits that I just don't want there.

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Nathan Malcolm - 2013-01-24


RE: 1.7 Bugs - Euan T - 2013-01-24


Are you using the github client? If so, it allows you to revert previous commits with a single click of a button.

RE: 1.7 Bugs - Eric - 2013-01-24

I'm using Git Bash (The command line interface). Also the top answer there doesn't seem to assume 0 knowledge of git, because it's gibberish lol. Buutttt I'll keep working on it. x.x