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Yellow Shine - Adobe - 2013-01-24

A Dark Golden Color theme with custom thread legend and login modal. This theme also has round corners. I've also added 2 background images do you can pick the right one. Feel free to use your own background or even modify the theme however you are not allowed to remove credits.

Mod Link:



Note: Yes, I did remove my username and site link because I run a blackhat site and my spare server is down so had to make this theme on my main server. Which also means the theme MIGHT have minor bugs, please post them below if you find any.

Hope you guys like my theme.

RE: Yellow Shine - 7uyk - 2013-01-24

Actually looks pretty nice.
With some customization it could be extremely sleek Smile

RE: Yellow Shine - ESR360 - 2013-01-24

Seems like a perfect example of a free theme, good job.

RE: Yellow Shine - punktravis182 - 2013-02-20

Link is invalid, please update download link. Thanks

RE: Yellow Shine - - 2013-02-24

update download link

RE: Yellow Shine - effone - 2013-02-24

He has left the community deleting all his releases.
Depreciated for maintaining a black hat board.

Though he has sold out his site, still ....
Fishes always remain fishy (not for LeeF.. :p).