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google search - vip78 - 2013-01-24


How do I hide Profiles of my members in google search results?

RE: google search - Adobe - 2013-01-25

There are two ways to doing this, I recommend the first way.

Suggestion # 1

1. Create a group called bot
2. Give it access to whatever you want the bots to be able to access. Remember to uncheck view user profiles.
3. Go to configuration>spiders/crawlers
4. Edit each one of them and put them into the bots group.

Result: They would have a special group, so they won't be treated as guests anymore. You can now control what bots can see on your forum.

Suggestion # 2

You would have to add a rule in your .htaccess

For that, could you post your .htaccess file here?

Also, in order to view the .htaccess, you need to check "Show dot/hidden files" when accessing File Manager via Cpanel.