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Looking for Help with Variable Codes - RiPPiiN - 2013-03-28

So i was wondering if you guys could give me some support with my MyBB variables. I'm looking for the variables for the following.

[Image: HUdSEIR.png]

User Post Count
User Referals
User Reputation Count
New PM count

The code for that box is (Very Messy, I'm sorry)
<li class="ui-state-default" id="Cadle Box">
			<div class="sidebar_box">
				<div class="sidebar_box_header">
					<span class="left">User Information</span> 
					<button class="sidebox_close right"></button>

				<div class="sidebar_box_content" style="min-height:100px;">
                                <div class="usercpmenu_leftblock left" style="position:relative;">

                                 <div class="trow1" style="padding: 6px; ">
                                 <div class="avatar">
                                <a href=""><img src="{$mybb->user['avatar']}?" height="75px" width="75px" alt="Your Avatar" title="Your Avatar"/></a>
                              <div><strong>Welcome back, {$mybb->user['username']}</strong>
                              <div class="userstats">
                              Posts<a href=""><span style="float: right; font-weight: bold;">1</span></a><br/>
                              Referrals<a href="{$referral_info}"><span style="float: right; font-weight: bold;">0</span></a><br/>
                              Reputation<a href=""><span style="float: right; font-weight: bold;">0</span></a><br/>
                               Inbox<a href=""><span style="float: right; font-weight: bold;">0</span></a>


RE: Looking for Help with Variable Codes - Leefish - 2013-03-28

Have you seen your forum as a guest using the Opera browser? It looks like it got hit by a train Sad