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irc "inside" forum? - williamj - 2013-04-16

I looked and looked but the closest that I can come to putting an irc window inside a forum is installing a link to and irc server.

What I'd like to find is a plugin that would convert a single post into an active irc channel access point. Meaning, if an individual is causing problems in the channel a simple kick/ban from the forum not only removes him/her from the forum but knocks him/her off of the channel as well.

Would it be possible to use the mibbit widget as the irc access channel in the post. By using the Mibbit widget the only access to that particular channel is through the widget, and thus through the forum, so trouble from the open irc server is avoided.

I hope this explains what I'm looking for

RE: irc "inside" forum? - .m. - 2013-04-16

check this plugin ircbb-chat

RE: irc "inside" forum? - williamj - 2013-04-17

Thanks for the reply .M. .

ircBB says to use the Mibbit widget to get it all working. The instructions on Mibbit Widget manager says to post this code on your website.

<iframe width=570 height=340 border=0 frameborder=none src=""></iframe>

But it doesn't say where to post it. The only place that I can think of where it might go would be the index.php file for myBB. If it does indeed go in that file where in the file would it go? I'm really new at this so programming and site management is very difficult right now. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

RE: irc "inside" forum? - .m. - 2013-04-17

no need of adding above iframe code. instead try this URL: yourForumURL/irc.php

RE: irc "inside" forum? - williamj - 2013-04-21

Thanks for your help .M.

I wasn't able to get it up and running with the plugin but I was able to work around the plugin completely. I got a gateway to an irc channel inside the forum without the use of a plugin.

I will write up what I did and post it in another section of the forum because it no longer has anything to do with plugins.

Once more, thanks again,