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RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - JordanMussi - 2014-01-01

1.2 is the latest stable release.
As with most software it won't be released until it's been coded and tested. You can get a just of when it's been completed when all the open tickets are closed:

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Shade - 2014-01-01

Actually, 1.2 is a minor update I forgot to mention here. It just contains the sex field finally translated and usable by everyone, not really something spectacular. I am working on a major 2.0 update but it will be out when it's ready.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Shade - 2014-01-03

Guys, MFC 2.0 is nearly done. I need some testers, if anyone is interested just PM me.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Jump1979man - 2014-01-05

Not sure if this has been brought up before or not but,

When unchecking the 4 integration settings and clicking SAVE, it takes you to an unknown error page....then when trying to click the facebook integration option in user cp it takes you to the same unknown error page.

After logging out and logging back in using facebook then going to the Facebook integration option in the user cp it will then say Settings Save and show the 4 options which are now unchecked.

This looks to be a bug in the code. Hope my explanation is clear enough.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Shade - 2014-01-05

Guess I've already fixed this in 2.0 rewriting the whole code.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Dean0bi - 2014-01-06

Great plugins Shade! Have to say I'm turning into a fan.

Just one point & question; It looks a bit odd when someone clicks "Log in" then the Links/Buttons to sign in with FB/Twitter disappear leaving just "Remember Me - Lost Password? - Register".

Are you planning on implementing code into the javascript file which controls that in the next update?


RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Shade - 2014-01-06

Honestly, I have put the login button to the most logic location. You can move it wherever you want though.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Denzon - 2014-01-07

Weeew, I'm excited for 2.0; but I have question, will it affect my board if I ever upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0?

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Shade - 2014-01-07

The updater will cover the migration from earlier versions to 2.0 as always Smile

RE: MyFacebook Connect 1.1.1 - Shade - 2014-01-07

Any feature request? Otherwise I might release the new 2.0 in the evening.