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RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - NinjaOrion - 2014-09-20

Is it possible, that you could add a list with checkboxes after registration with FB what should be synced? So that new users could enter nicknames instead of their FB name would be nice.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - Shade - 2014-09-20

It's already available: just disable the option Fast Registration.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - Khalifa - 2014-09-20

It work for me! Wink

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - emotion - 2014-09-20

Hey Shade,

Thanks for the response. I removed the hook member_do_register_end, but it's still not working. I'm getting the same message.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - Shade - 2014-09-21

Darn, you're right. I've analyzed the plugin and it does not hook there, but directly in the validation process. You must edit the file /inc/plugins/solvemedia.php, line 277, find:


Add before:

if (defined('IN_ADMINCP')) return;

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - emotion - 2014-09-22

Thank you so much, it works now. +rep Smile

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - Ronshaan - 2014-10-02

i wanna ask one quesiton
if some user has an account and wants to continue using the same one
can he do it ?

actually i tried with my id and it linked my id and mybb id together
but when tried with another id , it did not work
i wonder why

one more question

what is error 200
how to fix it

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - Shade - 2014-10-02

You must let your Facebook app go live, otherwise only the developer will be able to access it. It is all explained in the docs.

RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - whocky - 2014-10-14

How do i change the facebook login button to the one i have?


RE: MyFacebook Connect 2.1 - tjroughrider - 2014-10-30


So I recently setup your plugin to use. Followed directions to a "T" and i received the following error when you click on the button.

Figure #1


Site Address:

I have gone back deleted everything and started over again with the same results.

Can you give me some insight into what I have possibly done wrong with the installation?

Thank you for your time.