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Lite (Archive) Mode - dita - 2013-05-01

I was updating the settings to allow users to register with multiple e-mails. After I hit save settings my whole site defaulted to the Lite (Archive) Mode. I can not figure out how to get it back to normal. Not only that but now not a single link works. I have no idea what happened.
Have you heard of this happening before?

RE: Lite (Archive) Mode - Markus_Wolf - 2013-05-01

maybe you edited templates with codemirror?

RE: Lite (Archive) Mode - dita - 2013-05-01

(2013-05-01, 02:36 PM)Markus_Wolf Wrote: maybe you edited templates with codemirror?

Something very strange happened. Now all my links have changed. They added a file name called 'main_forum_page.php' to every link. I have no idea how. Could you please take a look at my site to see?

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. What is the codemirror? I've never heard of that.

(2013-05-01, 02:36 PM)Markus_Wolf Wrote: maybe you edited templates with codemirror?

I was just editing in the Admin_cp. Now I can no longer get there. I've been developing my site since early Feb. and I have never had this happen.

Well, that is something I will just never understand. But I fixed it by ftp'ing my /inc/settings.php over again.

When I looked at the settings.php file on server side somehow the 'bburl' field had been changed. It read as follows:

$settings['bburl'] = "";

It should just be:

$settings['bburl'] = "";

I do not know how that extra file name got in there. Very weird.
Copying over my settings.php file fixed it.
Thank you.
Great Software by the way.