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{REQ} SPort Buttons - SENOR - 2006-11-18

I wnat some sport buttons for locked, open, and closed. Based round hockey.

RE: {REQ} SPort Buttons - Immersion - 2006-11-18

good for you, it would help if you could ask people nicely rather than I WANT you are likely to get more responses.

RE: {REQ} SPort Buttons - turpentine - 2006-11-18

I could do this, it fits into my "orange I do for pay" catagory.

RE: {REQ} SPort Buttons - Immersion - 2006-11-18

lol your expecting "pay" ? lol rofl unlikely

RE: {REQ} SPort Buttons - darkteller - 2006-11-18

It would be wise not to start flames Wink

RE: {REQ} SPort Buttons - Immersion - 2006-11-18

Sad sorry my bad if that was directed at me and it wasnt a flame (again if it was directed at me)

RE: {REQ} SPort Buttons - SENOR - 2006-11-18

Sorry, i didnt realize people round here were like this. I said I want instead of please because i was asking n general...

RE: {REQ} SPort Buttons - Dale Hay - 2006-11-18

Manners cost nothing. Smile

Something like
Quote:Would someone be able to make me some sport / hockey based buttons for my forum saying "open", "closed" and "locked" please.