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issues installing a theme - hrenos - 2013-05-17

Hello guys Im newbie in the all Mybb thing, I move from vbulletin.

and unfortunatelly im having issues with a theme I really like to use

the theme is this MyFanatic

and I believe I did everything correct

here are 2 pictures with my issue

the first is when I leave
Template Set *
to default

and the second    

When i change the Template Set * to the theme tempalte ^^

from what I undestand its mixed up can I have some tips how to fix this ?

cheers all

RE: issues installing a theme - Heartless - 2013-05-24

Not sure what you've done. To install a theme all you need to do is upload/import the .xml file via the acp. Then upload the images. Thats all.